Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lead Nation

I respect any vote for Hillary Clinton premised on her superior play of a rigged game of thrones. In terms of benefitting from a political economic system, detractors and supporters appear to agree. She's among the best.

When carrying two devices inconvenienced Queen H, she exclusively (NYT) used private mail to conduct the foreign policy of the United States. Finding the revolving door between private and State business too burdensome, she took it off the axis. What revolving door? 

Clinton represents the logical end of the bipartisan elite consensus to privatize gains - and bill losses to the public. Where Cheney laundered State business to friends at Halliburton, Clinton routed State business directly through her family's private foundation. Literally and tangibly. In this last election of The Boomer Generation, Hillary Clinton represents the apex predator immune to rules or change - an anomalous conservationist/conservative of the status quo in a revolutionary era. 

The Clinton Clan's conservatism is so plain that it's evident even to George W Bush:
Given the near certainty of Hillary’s bid, Bush’s logic about his brother Jeb entering the campaign was mathematical: “What difference does it make,” he said at the time, “if the order is Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton or it is Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Bush?” (Time)
The dynastic American families of the current political order aren't enemies. They aren't even competitive. They are interchangeable. From all sides, global and American oligarchs - and the bipartisan New World Order - face revolution. From Sanders to Trump to al-Baghdadi to Putin to a shattered influence network (MIT Media Lab). I imagine a sleepless Clinton reading her hero:  
The conservative in a revolutionary period is always somewhat of an anomaly. Were the pattern of obligations still spontaneous, it would occur to no one to be a conservative, for a serious alternative to the existing structure would be inconceivable. But once there exists a significant revolutionary party, even more once a revolution has actually triumphed, two complementary questions have been admitted as valid, more symbolic in their very appearance than any answer that may be given: What is the meaning of authority? (A World Restored)
Election 2016: the year triangulation failed, the center did not hold, and things fell apart.

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