Friday, February 5, 2016

White Water

"white water" - what is the significance of the phrase in a place like Little Rock. In the context of Flint.

"Whitewater" is not so named because of the rapids and rafting. I don't think. It's from White River. Which is significant in a place on the edge of the Confederacy. Still in the 1980s. When and where Bill Clinton was Governor. And prior Attorney General. Investor in Whitewater Development Corporation (Washington Post) - developing on White River downstream from Bull Shoals in the Ozarks. Writing in 1988 the The New York Times describes national security threats originating from the Bull Shoals region:
In April 1985 state and Federal law-enforcement officers raided the 224-acre compound, finding stockpiles of weapons including submachine guns, grenades, explosives and an antitank rocket. A 30-gallon drum of cyanide was also discovered.

Prosecutors contend that the group intended to use the cyanide to poison public water supplies in New York City and Washington in an effort to trigger social unrest that would lead to a race war and eventually the overthrow of the Government.

There is a straight line from names in that article to the explosion at the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Domestic terrorism which politically benefited a boy from nearby Hope. 

It's bigger than the Clintons. Ultimately, the Clintons are knock-off Nixons. Glorified pharma dealers and arms brokers - crime so well organized it isn't even illegal (PG). The bigger story is America. Then. Now. You have to see the Clintons plainly to see America plainly.

Tonight, more people - en masse and per capita - are PROPERTY of The States in America than anywhere else in history. As an objective, quantitive matter: it's the largest, most well-organized police states ever. Where People are Property. Of the States.

American missiles are raining down continuously in Yemen. For months. Secretary Clinton and President Obama brokered the largest arms deal in USA history: $60B. TO SAUDI ARABIA. Where they behead homosexuals and change comes with every dime of fossil fuel. #neverforget

Hyperpower remains completely accurate at home and abroad.

It's 3:21am on Rikers Island. 

What time is it in Central America? 

Virginia's Roanoke Times makes a Virginia Tech MacArthur Genius The Hero of Flint

The Flint water - visibly polluted to the naked eye - destroyed GM car parts (October 2014). 

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