Sunday, January 17, 2016

Queen H

American theology tends towards the premise that USA invented liberty and midwifed modernity. The New World left behind The Old World. The European empires retreated. Emancipation proclaimed; destiny manifest. The European kings fell. The Nazis fell. The East/West Wall fell. (In Berlin.) The New World Order came to be, the last man emerged, and history ended in 1989.

A quarter century later, Time Magazine (among others) invoked 1968 to document American pain in the wake of Baltimore PD's killing repeat opioid offender and "son of an illiterate heroin addict" (CNN) Freddie Gray; the Time cover portrayed a young black man running from "an army" of BPD. 

1968 is the year Chicago's own Hillary Rodham observed her city torn during the Democratic primary just four months after King's assassination in Memphis - just a few hours south down the Mississippi River watershed. Provided evidence of the 2016 Chicago Mayor suppressing evidence of extrajudicial killing on the Chicago streets, of  Candidate Clinton is unable to form an opinion.

Freedom didn't fall out the sky in 1776 anymore than history fell off a cliff in 1989. Per Mississippi's Faulkner, history is not even past (1951). Per Chicago's Obama, history is not even past (2008). If the past isn't even past, how does history repeat itself? It doesn't. It simply continues. In South Carolina tonight - at a debate hosted by the CBC Institute, Candidate Clinton summed up her pitch as Long Live President Obama. The past isn't even past:
In her memoir, “Living History,” she recalls spending hours that summer arguing with a friend over the “meaning of revolution and whether our country would face one.” Even if there was a revolution, the two friends concluded, “we would never participate.”
Sanders repeatedly called for "political revolution", issuing a consistent call to follow the money in American politics. It's a reasonable thing to follow. That prism enabled him to pierce the thin differences between American opioids (legal) and Mexican opioids (illegal). Martin O'Malley invoked his accomplishments below the Mason-Dixon line, and explicitly expressed understanding that insecurity between North and South in the Americas isn't dead: for American dead fill coffins in Honduras and El Salvador. He declined to link those drug war dead to the drug war dead in Clinton's Chicago or O'Malley's own Baltimore. O'Malley shouted about "the drug traffickers". Presumably, the black and brown ones - and not the white ones in white lab coats filling American drug stores.

Baltimore Drug War 2015 (Google Images)

The 800-lb Super Predator representing Fortress USA did bench presses center stage. Of drugs, The Woman Who Would Be Queen's first policy response: "let them eat Narcan" - the self-evident drug solution to a epidemic-scale drug problem. Heroic battlefield medicine for American suburbs to let the walking dead live another day. There is no Veteran's Administration for the Drug War.

None on stage in South Carolina discussed the aftermath of 1968. Which included the soaking of American GI in Vietnamese "China white" heroin starting ~1970, and Nixon's subsequent declaration of modern drug war within the USA. None speculated about whether or why Americans exhibit heightened demand for the world's most powerful pain-killing narcotics - regardless of legality or origin.

Anybody know what happened in the early 90s in USA?

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