Sunday, November 29, 2015

DRAFT : #ChicagoIguala

#ChicagoIguala (twitter) refers to the trade corridor connecting two battlefields in the narcotics wars - one in Mexico. One in Chicago. A unique attribute of markets along the corridor is the frequency of violence, shooting, and unsolved murder. From that perspective, #ChicagoIguala is shorthand for a multi-year, transcontinental murder mystery involving 100s of thousands of Americans. It's also a symbol for state complicity and corruption in extrajudicial killing, kidnapping and disappearances. It's code for "a blackout in our history".

Document storage at Juarez, MX PD. As see in Narcocultura.

A road map or way finding tool (of sorts) to American security. I hypothesize that insecurity and security are decided in these towns. These are selected by two different methodologies right now:
  1. US comes from FBI Table 6 2014 and is sorted for homicides per capita per square mile - a density of homicide metric (source)
  2. pan American data comes from Seguridad Justicia y Paz 2014 (source

For example, from a town connected by interstate freeway and the north-south by the Mighty Mississippi.

Interstate commerce connectivity is key to geo-locate dense murder in Jackson Mississippi - and links to comparable nodes in the interstate commerce network :

Jackson is right at the national average of 62 percent of homicides solved, Horton said. Other experts say that Jackson's location at the I-55 and I-20 corridors means that some of the city's crime can be attributed to the influence of other violent cities along those interstates. As such, to compare Jackson's homicide rate to other cities in the state is comparing apples to oranges.
"The emerging economic growth of the city, the physical location, the social dynamics, and if there are gangs involved, who are they? Given all those unique factors it's hard to compare Jackson to other Mississippi cities, but it should be looked at compared to other capital cities," said University of Southern Mississippi Associate Criminal Justice Professor Charles Scheer. "Figure out what makes Jackson unique and look at cities that have those same unique problems, then get to the question of why. Finding out what makes Jackson unique helps with proactive solutions."

What is the literal "weight" - and it's $value - moving through a commercial corridor? And how does that influence violence through the linked cities?


According to federal prosecutors, Shoulders controlled the drug trade in a 12-block area on Chicago's West Side, just off what's known as the "heroin highway" — the I-290 Eisenhower Expressway.
The Sinaloa-Chicago-Kentucky heroin connection as explained by Jack Riley of DEA - amazing drug war testimony :
For years he’s planned that they won’t take that seizure in southern Kentucky and connect it to his organization in Chicago. Well, we are now. 
When you look at the relationships between street gangs and these people — wow. And then you throw in the supply of illegal guns, I don’t know. It’s tough. It’s tough.


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