Monday, March 20, 2017

America Versus America

Before Mexico extradited Joaquin Guzman (Department of State profile) to Brooklyn on the final day of the Obama Administration, an assassin murdered the 37 year old Mexican judge assigned to Guzman's case. CCTV captured the point blank assassination: a young judge shot in the back of the head while jogging across the street (YouTube). Once in Brooklyn, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York described Guzman's ability to influence politicians, judges, police, and militaries across the world, presented eleven exhibits, and petitioned New York's Eastern District court to detain Guzman before trial (pdf): "In sum, it is difficult to imagine another person with a greater risk of fleeing prosecution than Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera." With good reason. Guzman twice escaped maximum security prison. And the Brooklyn US Attorney wants Guzman to forfeit $14 billion.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped authorities and assassins alike. On May 25, 1993 he escaped Baja California assassins from the Tiajuana Cartel at the Guadalajara airport. The would-be assassins hit the wrong white Grand Marquis, killing seven souls including one of two Vatican cardinals posted to Mexico. Catholic Mexicans were outraged

The shot up Lincoln at the Guadalajara airport attack signaled a violent apex in the war to control three ports of entry between Baja California and Alta California. Collectively, those California ports connected the world's busiest cross-border economy: San Diego-Tiajuana. January 1992 Tiajuana homicides surpassed previous years, a state policeman was machine gunned in front of his house, authorities located bodies of six 25-35 year old men from Guzman's Sinaloa in February 1992:
Four of the bodies were found Tuesday morning next to a coastal highway north of Ensenada, and two others were found bound and gagged 15 miles east of Tijuana, on a road to Tecate. The condition of the bodies indicated that the men had been beaten and tortured; at least two of them had several fingers cut off before they were shot in the head, police said. Several were also garroted, police said.
The torture-style slayings resemble drug-related murders that have occurred recently in Sinaloa and other Mexican states, police said. (Los Angeles Times)
Guzman retaliated contra the Tiajuana Cartel in November 1992 at Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast. United Press Internationl (UPI) well-expressed the chaotic information environment in this second hard report:
Radio Red reported that some 35 heavily armed men burst into the posh Christine disco early Sunday morning and began firing. The nationalities of the six killed and three wounded were not available but Radio Red said at least two of the dead were Mexicans.
The mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Rodolfo Gonzalez Macias, told the official news agency Notimex that the incident was evidently a shootout between drug traffickers.
Radio Red quoted witnesses as saying, however, that some of the gunmen identified themselves as members of the drug-fighting Judicial Police. The radio network also said one of the victims was carrying a credential identifying him as a Judicial Police agent from the border state of Baja California.
Gonzalez Macias said the gunmen carried some type of police credentials but said he did not know what type, Notimex reported. (UPI)
As drug war raged in Baja California in 1992, the largest US county, Los Angeles County, California, set a homicide record, unbroken as of writing in 2017, 2,589 dead (LA Weekly). 55 of those occurred in April 1992 after a jury found four LAPD officers not guilty of crimes when they beat Rodney King. Of the 2,589 Los Angeles homicides in 1992, police solved a fraction. 

Impunity reached the highest office. On Christmas Eve 1992, President Bush, himself a one time CIA Director, pardoned six officials for Iran Contra crimes during from his 12 year VPOTUS and POTUS terms: "Elliott Abrams, a former assistant secretary of state for Central America; former National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane; former CIA officials Duane Clarridge, Alan Fiers, and Clair George; and former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger" (Brown University). 11 weeks after Bush's Contra pardons, President Clinton's third-choice Attorney General, Janet Reno, demanded "prompt resignation" of 93 US Attorneys on March 24, 1993 (New York Times). 

The same May 1993 month that Tijuana rivals attacked the Guadalajara airport, Mexican authorities revealed Guzman's 1400 foot tunnel under the Mexican-American border. Days later an international group of authorities, arrested Chapo himself June 9, 1993 at the Mexican-Guatemalan-border. FBI reported Guzman was en route to "a major cocaine operation" in El Salvador. El Salvador's Ilopango airfield was the epicenter of Contra resupply operations and cocaine allegations. Guzman described himself to reporters as a corn and bean farmer. The LA Times described his as "the man widely believed to be Mexico's top drug trafficker and the target of gunmen who mistakenly killed a cardinal and six other people at the Guadalajara airport" (Los Angeles Times, 1993 & FBI docs Houston Chronicle). 

Guzman captured at Mexican-Guatemalan border crossing, 1993
Guzman's story was obscure in 1993. So obscure that Bloomberg referred to drug lord "Joaqun 'Chappo' Guzmn" (sic). Guzman's story surfaced at the end of an era and beginning of a new one. Consider the sea change: Mujahadeen backed by US supply operations, the world's largest opium production, and history's largest bank fraud defeated Soviet soldiers on the Afghan battlefield. The South Florida Drug Task Force, US Coast Guard, and US Navy commanded Caribbean sea traffic and isolated Cuba; American proxy wars onshore bled all sides at incalculable cost. The Wall fell. The Soviet Union collapsed. The Cold War ended. KGB Agent Vladamir Putin went home to become mayor of St Petersburg, Russia (not St Pete, Florida). President Bush invaded Panama, captured General Noriega, and prosecuted him in Miami court from April to September 1992. Nicaraguan authorities held international Contra trafficker, "El Rey de Las Drogas", Norwin Meneses. USA' most prolific trafficker, Rick Ross of Los Angeles, served time in Phoenix federal and Texas state custody. NAFTA passed November 1993. A month later, in December 1993, Colombian paramilitaries with US government support killed Pablo Escobar in Medellin, Colombia.

As of March 2017, information about Escobar's assassination remains so privileged that a court reversed its own decision on how to handle CIA refusal to share documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Data remained missing, information unclear, and incredible evidence impossible to evaluate. For example: CIA Director Deutch appeared in South Central Los Angeles (YouTube) to respond to Gary Webb's San Jose Mercury News story (Internet Archive) that CIA Contra assets smuggled cocaine to Los Angeles distributor Rick Ross. In 1996, Contra leaders told Congress they got $30M cash injection from Saudi Arabia (CSPAN). Whatever the combination of forces coincident with Guzman's capture and the end of the Cold War, data from the US DEA Heroin Signature Program shows a revolution in wholesale heroin seizures during that time from Asia to the Americas.

San Diego's US Attorney filed the first federal indictment against Mexico's largest drug trafficker in 1994 - a pivotal year for the North American political economy. In the 12 months after signing NAFTA in November 1993, US President Clinton bailed out Citibank when the Mexican peso crashed, assassins eliminated two candidates for Mexico's presidency, and Mexico's President Salinas fled to Ireland. In 1994, future US Attorney General Loretta Lynch specialized in drug and violent crime prosecution with the US Attorney in Long Island. 20 years later, Lynch drafted Guzman's Brooklyn indictment as Brooklyn's US Attorney before becoming Obama's 2nd Attorney General in 2015. Since 1994, Lynch was one of seven US Attorneys to indict Joaquin Guzman - including New Hampshire's. On Lynch's final day as US AG on January 20, 2017, her Brooklyn replacement, Ron Caspers, and the Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, announced Brooklyn would prosecute Guzman in partnership with Miami's US Attorney and DOJ's Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs section. 

That salvo in the tumult of the 2016 election, in the shadow of the The Wall, capped a dark, violent 8 year era of legal impunity in the international drug war. Especially in the Americas. Central American children sought refuge from drug war carnage by the tens of thousands. An opioid epidemic broke out. Though overall violent crime is down in the United States, unsolved murder rates hit new highs. American men and boys shot each other at world-leading rates. President Obama wept discussing the daily violence in the south and west sides of his hometown Chicago (CNN). 

85 miles from McAllen, Texas, the Mexican town San Fernando recorded two cartel massacres: 72 dead in 2010, 193 in 2011. In 2014, 43 Mexican students disappeared from a bus convoy en route to Mexico City. As of March 2017, Mexican police found a single charred bone fragment matching the DNA of one 20 year old named Alexander (New York Times). March 2017 revealed mass clandestine graves in Veracruz, along the Gulf of Mexico. Investigators so far recovered 250+ remains of "missing" persons. Everyone is a target. Gunmen target Mexican journalists with impunity. On that score, Mexico is more lawless than Afghanistan, the world's largest opium producer and US war zone since 2001 (Committee to Protect Journalists). Because media and government are intimidated and/or corrupt, data is unreliable and vary considerably. Conservatively, total Mexican victims measure in the hundreds of thousands (PBS).

From 2006 - 2014, MX President Calderon deployed the Mexican army 1000s of times mostly to Gulf Coast Texas border towns in Tamaulipas. The most lethal were just south of Tamaulipas in Veracruz Gulf towns. Here is the view from space:

Charles Bowden documented conditions on the ground in 2010's Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields:
The Mexican army is everywhere and can be ill tempered....(it) arrived in new numbers in April 2008 in northern Chihauhua and the general in command held a meeting with the press to lay down some ground rules. He said there would almost certainly be a spate of robberies and rapes, but these were to be explained by the press as the evil deeds of poor Mexicans who come from the far south and who were migrating through the zone to reach the United States. Any questions?
The war escalated from then. The Obama Administration ended with a 100x increase in arms deals between United States and Mexican governments. Before the official spending ramped up in 2015, from day 1 the DOJ allowed arms traffickers to "walk" thousands of weapons to Mexican paramilitaries, two of which were recovered at the murder scenes of US federal agents. Another, a 50 caliber anti-helicopter rifle, was recovered from Guzman's personal armory upon his capture by Mexican marines. 

In the case of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, the US House of Representatives held AG Eric Holder in contempt. The first sitting Cabinet official so held (Politico). To protect documents in the Terry case, President Obama issued his Administration's only claim to executive privilege (ProPublica) - a privilege rejected by federal court in 2016. Simultaneous to the Terry revelations in spring 2011, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, "acting administrator" since the Bush Administration, described violence as a sign of success in the drug war. She likened Mexico to "caged animals attacking one other" (Washington Post). Leonhart resigned in 2015 after DEA agents were discovered in the company of Colombian cartel prostitutes. 

In finance, DOJ colluded with UK banking regulators (Guardianto defer prosecuting HSBC bankers for laundering Guzman's cartel money. Instead, future AG Loretta Lynch's Brooklyn attorneys hit bank shareholders with a record $2B fine. So vast the rivers of illegal drug money, the UN drug tsar claimed laundered drug currency contributed liquidity necessary to float banks through the financial crisis (Guardian). Among bankers and traffickers, US Attorneys fought for multiple multi-billion dollar forfeitures. In the flurry of billion-dollar deals and fog of endless war, guilty and innocent disappeared into the ether of American justice.


President Obama did not invent the southern flow of military weapons. Nor did Chapo Guzman invent the northern flow of cocaine and narcotics. Nor HSBC drug war banking. HSBC did, though, industrialize it. HSBC handled silver accounts for British East India's tea and opium wars in which it seized Hong Kong. "Hong Kong" puts the "H" in Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation - or, "HSBC". On a regional USA level, gun and drug trades explain much political economics between a deeply segregated Chicago metro and Midwestern suburbs.  On a continental scale, Guzman's 20 year, $14B legal battle with DOJ is a blip in the war for Central American assets. The map below (Tableau) shows March 2017 data for Specially Designated Nationals meaning that "their assets are blocked and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from dealing with them" (US Treasury). Specially Designated Nationals cluster in Colombia and align to Mexico's Pacific Coast drug war ports.

In June 2013, Iran dealmaker for Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and future acting Secretary of the US Treasury for President Trump, Adam Szubin (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), sanctioned 19 Mexican companies and 35 Mexicans (DOJ) in his capacity as Director of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. A month later, three Mexican judges court released the network's primary actor, an old man named Rafael Caro Quintero. Quintero told Proceso that he's friends with Guzman and Mayo.

In the Eighties, Quintero's Guadalajara Cartel smuggled Pablo Escobar's Medellin Colombian cocaine through The Wall. After President Reagan blockaded Colombian and Venezuelan go-fast boats and aircraft to Cuba, Caribbean Islands, and Port of Miami, North American drug distribution moved on shore via Central American land bridge. Guadalajara birthed the modern Mexican cartel system (including Guzman's Sinaloa Federation). And it killed US DEA Special Agent, Kiki Camarena, in spectacular fashion. Arizona Senator John McCain described Guadalajara's counterattack against Special Agent Camarena in a October 21, 2013 letter to Secretary of State John Kerry:
Quintero’s henchmen kidnapped Agent Camarena at gunpoint outside the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara on February 7, 1985.  They blindfolded him and brought him to Quintero’s hacienda five miles away where they brutally tortured him for over thirty hours.  The torture Quintero perpetrated shocks the conscience of all decent human beings.  Quintero and his associates crushed Camarena's skull, jaw, nose, cheekbones and ribs with a tire iron.  They used a power tool to drill a hole in Camarena’s head and repeatedly stuck him with a cattle prod.  As Camarena lay bloody and dying, Quintero summoned a cartel doctor to keep him alive so the cartel could torture him longer.  The doctor injected the anesthetic lidocaine directly into Camerena’s heart and the torture endured for several more hours.  Camarena’s battered and bloodied body was discovered in a shallow grave 70 miles north of Guadalajara several weeks later. (McCain's Senate site)
Camerena's case remains a signal event. He infiltrated a billion dollar marijuana farm in northern Texas visible from outer space. That's just what we know. TBD count were arrested.  That cartel doctor became the basis for Supreme Court case law at the foundation of the Global War on Terror. DEA caught up with Quintero in Costa Rica. His transfer to Mexican prison produced little change - see WaPo/Forbes. 

Quintero's Panamanian lawyers defending his Costa Rican properties wrote of fearing his release. Of their client, Quintero, they described Pablo Escobar as "a baby". Where Tigres hunted Escobar to his Medellin end, When it came 20 years early, NSC staff was "deeply disappointed"; Mexican AG confessed he was "worried". US Treasury's Suzban produced more sanctions on October 31, 2013 (US Treasury). On November 5, 2013, the State Department issued a $5 million bounty for a man US Treasury spox John Sullivan (profile) confessed was a billionaire. 

Throughout the fall of 2013, the US DEA agents most responsible for the investigation of Camarena's torture and execution, DEA's El Paso Intelligence Center director Phil Jordan and Hector Ballarez wanted to talk about Cuban-born retired CIA man present at Che Guevara's execution, Felix Rodriguez. Jordan and Ballarez weren't alone in profiling Felix Rodriguez in the fall of 2013. Fox News produced vivid, detailed testimony about DFS and Quintero's escape. Rodriguez himself appeared via Skype on Spanish language TV (YouTube). National Review described allegations that Rodriguez used Colombian cocaine money to finance Central American Contra war and Rodriguez's subsequent 1987 testimony to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry's committee investigating narcotics trafficking. Addressing Kerry at a closed door session, Rodriguez told Kerry, "it is extremely difficult to have to answer questions from someone you do not respect, and I do not respect you and what you are doing here" (National Review).


Monday, December 5, 2016

California Love

Californians face a representation crisis. Sample recent geopolitics: ~500K more people voted Clinton in Los Angeles County (1,893,770) than voted Trump in Wisconsin State (1,404,000 - NYT. 11/4). California's historic 8.2M votes for candidate Clinton did little to the influence the national outcome.

From NY/DC Acela Corridor, the Golden State is 3K miles and a 5 hour flight over North America's Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. A continent apart from Trump and Clinton's Empire State. 

Newman adjusts counties for people.

California's "obscene" Clinton cash machines did little against Trump's cheap, segmented, devisive, targeted messages to high-ROI "battleground" voters (Bloomberg). Ohio. Florida. North Carolina. Pennsylvania.  And beyond: Michigan, Wisconsin. Clinton's popular wins in liberal cities are as historically amazing (statistical outliers!) as they are electorally irrelevant. Consider
Orange County, California the sixth largest county among The States. LA Times:
Clinton beat Republican Donald Trump by nearly 5 points, or 39,000 votes, in the county that has long served as a national symbol for the GOP, the home to Richard Nixon and the cradle of Ronald Reagan’s conservatism.
In California, Kerry beat Bush by 10pts in 2004. Clinton beat Trump by 30pts in 2016. So what?Because California's popular winner takes all EC votes, the margins of victory are irrelevant. So are the margins of defeat. If you are going to lose California, it doesn't matter whether you get 49% of the vote or 1%. If you are going to lose California, you might as well lose bigly. There is no downside. Maybe it helps. Mock the NY/LA media celebrities. Throw red meat.

 "Trump did have an eponymous steak line, sold via Sharper Image. The company's website..."Unfortunately, Trump Steaks are no longer available, but their legacy endures." NPR March 2016

Trump didn't try to win California. Neither did Clinton. Nor should they. High cost, little reward. Politically, California gets what it gives. Inefficient in terms of EC votes per California voter.Trump is candid about California's electoral irrelevance: 

If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily (Twitter)

 In a popular, proportional election, no doubt Trump would have campaigned differently. If he made it out of the Republican primary. If California is a battleground, both parties have incentives to think differently about "electability" during primaries. Hypothetically, blocs of California voters should be swing states unto themselves. Trump faces different incentives to regard California-Mexico relations. Clinton too. Instead, California's 55 Electoral College votes went uncontested in a symbolic, irrelevant popular blowout.

 Obsenities - moreover, they didn't matter.

The 2016 presidential outcome is a symptom of a problem. Step back from the rubble of 2016. Among the states, Californians pay the most gross federal tax to the US Treasury (IRS). While picking up the tab, Californians are the most politically underrepresented people in three federal bodies: the Electoral College, House, and Senate. Overtaxed and unrepresented. Large states made basic concessions on taxation and representation to smaller states at the founding of the United States. Compromise is inevitable. But California's quantitative inequity in 2016 defies common sense and precedent. The status quo cheats Californians and corrupts American political life. The imbalance represents a fragile fault among these united states. That imbalance is striking compared to the states' geopolitical centers of mass. 

Four basic options

ONE - abolish the Electoral College

TWO - succeed

THREE - nothing changes


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lead Nation

I respect any vote for Hillary Clinton premised on her superior play of a rigged game of thrones. In terms of benefitting from a political economic system, detractors and supporters appear to agree. She's among the best.

When carrying two devices inconvenienced Queen H, she exclusively (NYT) used private mail to conduct the foreign policy of the United States. Finding the revolving door between private and State business too burdensome, she took it off the axis. What revolving door? 

Clinton represents the logical end of the bipartisan elite consensus to privatize gains - and bill losses to the public. Where Cheney laundered State business to friends at Halliburton, Clinton routed State business directly through her family's private foundation. Literally and tangibly. In this last election of The Boomer Generation, Hillary Clinton represents the apex predator immune to rules or change - an anomalous conservationist/conservative of the status quo in a revolutionary era. 

The Clinton Clan's conservatism is so plain that it's evident even to George W Bush:
Given the near certainty of Hillary’s bid, Bush’s logic about his brother Jeb entering the campaign was mathematical: “What difference does it make,” he said at the time, “if the order is Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton or it is Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Bush?” (Time)
The dynastic American families of the current political order aren't enemies. They aren't even competitive. They are interchangeable. From all sides, global and American oligarchs - and the bipartisan New World Order - face revolution. From Sanders to Trump to al-Baghdadi to Putin to a shattered influence network (MIT Media Lab). I imagine a sleepless Clinton reading her hero:  
The conservative in a revolutionary period is always somewhat of an anomaly. Were the pattern of obligations still spontaneous, it would occur to no one to be a conservative, for a serious alternative to the existing structure would be inconceivable. But once there exists a significant revolutionary party, even more once a revolution has actually triumphed, two complementary questions have been admitted as valid, more symbolic in their very appearance than any answer that may be given: What is the meaning of authority? (A World Restored)
Election 2016: the year triangulation failed, the center did not hold, and things fell apart.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wild West

The campaign blows southwest - Utah, Arizona (#ArizonaElectionFraud?), Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii. Probably others but who can remember. What's going on out here? Not much. Silicon Coast Bubble: Sea-Tac-->PDX-->SF-->Silicon Valley-->Silicon Beach; a networked tinsel-techno-tinder culture bubble maybe curating American Pyscho 2.0 for these new times of Trump:
And sometimes I think that if I had written the book in the past decade, perhaps Bateman would have been working in Silicon Valley, living in Cupertino with excursions into San Francisco or down to Big Sur to the Post Ranch Inn and palling around with Zuckerberg and dining at the French Laundry, or lunching with Reed Hastings at Manresa in Los Gatos, wearing a Yeezy hoodie and teasing girls on Tinder. Certainly he could also just as easily be a hedge-funder in New York: Patrick Bateman begets Bill Ackman and Daniel Loeb.
Local spelling bee champs at Alphabet (wiki), in quest to sequence learning, acquire and sell Boston Dynamics. Make bots. Swarms of GAI bots (Global Guerillas). Apple/FBI. San Bernardino. Gentrification and Mario Woods in San Francisco; unsolved mass murder in Fillmore (hugeupside). Decisive year for $15-30-45B water project (US News) for almond trees in the southern desert; the weather's weird. Golden State Warriors, Curry reign. King Kendrick, an LA first at the Grammys (Rolling Stone). The DEA Riverside wire ("vast...likely illegal") and Kern County - home to America's most lethal police (Guardian). Los Ganjales and quasi-legal marijuana. Kobe retirement. Good work Seattle Seahawks and Oregon Ducks. Pac 12 Pacific Coast. Three Little Birds. This is our reality.

The week saw the National Enquirer report of Ted Cruz's intimate life. No amount of satisfied hypocrisy justifies making consensual, adult sex, love, or marriage a political shame game. Gay, straight, wedlocked or not, we're all guilty and ashamed. At least a little. Clinton people - including members of elite media - awakened to the enormous magnitude of the Secretary's national security problem. The kookoo week also saw the sublime. Birdie Sanders. Portland. In this primal year, supra-natural intelligence signals become valid. Whatever the case, history fluttered forward.  No let up of any kind whatsoever: Brussels, Baghdad, Lahore. A large number walked in Yemen. Some tweeted about it.

Chicago signal ramped in every geopolitical and international security storyline I follow. I think "legitimacy crisis" may be hyperbolic. But not much. To start, Mayor Emanuel nuked the security reform charade that - for a second time - covered up police murder of a young black boy during a Chicago election cycle.

The first case was a flagrant cover-up - for which reformers (eg, Assata's Daughters) voted out Cook County prosecutor, Anita Alvarez. Mayor Emanuel colluded with Alvarez to suppress videotape showing Officer Jason Van Dyke murder Lacquan McDonald. During his re-election campaign. City Hall released the tape under court order and after the election, which ended in a run-off. At the time, the NY Times wondered if the election would "humble" Emanuel (NYT). In hindsight, the election concealed gross civil rights violations by shooter Jason Van Dyke, officers on the scene that destroyed videotape, and the political class in City Hall. (Daily Beast) One wonders what Chicagoans in the White House knew. When they knew it.

December 2015, Obama got around to sending out the Department of Justice to do god knows what. To wit :
Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced today that the Justice Department has opened a civil pattern or practice investigation into Chicago Police Department (CPD), pursuant to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.  The department’s investigation of CPD will seek to determine whether there are systemic violations of the Constitution or federal law by officers of CPD.  The investigation will focus on CPD’s use of force, including racial, ethnic and other disparities in use of force, and its systems of accountability. 
That's the DoJ, December 2015 (DoJ). One wonders: has the Obama Administration ever been to Chicago? This is a city paying reparations to 57 torture victims (USA Today). It's paid $642 million to settle police brutality disputes 2004 - 2016 (Chicago Sun Times). The international media breaks coverage of "black sites" (Guardian). We debate whether labels "Chiraq", "war zone", "urban terrorism" hurt or help. Whatever the label, the geopolitical reality is remarkably repetitive:
From the mob to gangs, violence has percolated through the streets of Chicago for the past hundred years. The city has seen it all before; there’s nothing new under the sun. We just don’t remember. (Moore). 
Doing my best impersonation of a historian, that sounds a lot like the history of Iraq. The similarities and connective tissue between Chicago and Iraq might be "deeper than rap". Often necessity invents new words. From the Far West distance, "Chiraq Drillinois" sounds less like a celebration than a distress signal. Both the labels and the music itself.

Back to Mayor Emanuel covering up. In the second case, Mayor Emanuel staged an elaborate reform campaign concurrent with the Illinois Primary. Part of that reform campaign included a new Police Superintendent. The last one - Garry McCarthty - resiged as the extent of the Jason Van Dyke cover-up became evident and unavoidable. To replace McCarthy, who at last check failing up, the Chicago Police Board solicited 39 national reform applicants. By law, the Board presenting options to the mayor. Among the 3 recommended to him, Mayor Emanuel appointed an insider, a patrol chief that didn't apply for the position. The legality of which is hard to establish as the decision is "an unprecedented end run" (Chicago Sun Times).

Mayor Emanuel is not a marginal figure in Democratic Chicago. He was the key fundraiser for Clinton '92, wrote much of NAFTA 94, held a Illinois House seat, and ran Chief of Staff for Chicago's President Barack Obama. Experienced at winning. Hypothetically, the show of reform - without delivery - effectively calibrated support in Democratic influencer networks to protect Chicago for longtime partner Hillary Clinton - while balancing Kim Davis and Anita Alvarez. When the music stopped, Alvarez had no chair.

Already a violent town, Chicago is exhibits YoY ~doubling of shooting and murder: 616 murders since 2/28/2016, more than 3000 shot. The violence is such that suspects shoot police officers on the eve of nationally important elections with guns obtained from...other police officers. You read that correctly. In a botched drug raid, the suspect shot three Chicago police - after which an ATF trace led to former CPD officer and sheriff deputy. On Twitter, the ATF asked WTF (Twitter).

Hypersegregated, Chicago isn't coming apart. It is apart. 

Chicago, the hyper segregated

The Midwest bleeds SouthWest. Geopolitically, Sinaloa Mexico - and the well-organized drug war cartel of the same Sinaloa brand - link California, Chicago, and Sinaloa in the North American Drug Game. See that big white strip of depopulated territory running southwest from the city's south side? It's actually a commercial artery in the American circulation system.

American Heartland Circulatory System / US side of NAFTA (US DOT)

Con versos rápidos y poderosos, el rapero californiano The Game se atreve a rapear en español soltando palabras en castellano e, incluso a veces, rimas completas en un nuevo tema que ha llamado “El Chapo“, producido por Bangladesh y con colaboración de Skrillex. Source

In other words: "In strong, powerful verses, California rapper The Game dares to rap in Spanish, dropping Castilian words and even sometimes complete rhymes in a new anthem called "El Chapo" produced by Bangladesh and in collaboration with Skrillex."

Source: Deck, Jason Wilfong, SRO bio

Now is a good time to consider the significance of "cartels in Riverside". And their impact on law enforcement in that county. USA Today (February 2016): 

“I definitely don’t apologize for using this tool to hit the cartels in Riverside County,” said Hestrin, who took office last year. “I think the reforms I put in place were necessary, but this is still a tool that I believe in. It needs to be used cautiously, but it should be available when necessary.”
The number of wiretaps authorized in Riverside County started to climb in 2010; it quadrupled by 2014, when the county court approved 624 wiretaps — three times as many as any other state or federal court. Most of the surveillance was conducted at the behest of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents, who used the eavesdropping to make arrests and seize drugs and cash as far away as New York and Virginia.
Consider the San Bernardino massacre context of this allocation of resources. Are we at war with the right people? Who are we at with?

Earlier in "El Chapo", The Game (Los Angeles) names Donald Trump. And imagines "knock(ing) Trump out his toupee". Recently, Pusha T (Virginia) portrays himself in Mexico defying by name Trump's pledge. Rick Ross (Florida) invoked Eminem's artistic license when imagining himself "assassinate Trump like I'm Zimmerman" in "Free Enterprise". Chicago sees Trump Tower in their skyline. On the ground and below, Kanye West released spirituals under "The Life of Pablo". Chicago artist Lupe Fiasco teases "don't ruin us god said" in forthcoming DROGAS. "Drugs" in Spanish. Fiasco - a funny name - and answer to rhetorical questions on "Delivery" (2014/2015):

The ghetto was a physical manifestation
Of hate in a place where ethnicity determines your placement
A place that defines your station

Remind you niggas your place is the basement
White people in the attic
Niggas selling dope, White people is the addicts

White folks act like they ain't show us how to traffic
All that dope to China, you don't call that trappin'?

"There is nowhere to spend money legally except the corner store." DeRay McKesson

Trump's team of foreign policy advisers, led by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, consists of counter-terrorism expert Walid Phares (Google), energy consultant George Papadopoulos (Google), former Defense Department inspector general Joe Schmitz (Google), managing partner of Global Energy Capital Carter Page (Google) and former Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg (Google). NY Times ran the foreign policy test. Trump affirms his will to renegotiate security arrangements - without not having a crystal clear formula for what will transpire. Honestly, on scan, he does not sound clownish. Major exception: Ukraine. (3/26). 

I don't have a Yeezy hoody. But I do have TDE. As a matter of supporting American security, I raise Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I nominate them for your consideration. Here is one reason why:

More and more people get away with murder in the Bay Area. Especially when the dead are young black men. I nominate Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) to secure vulnerable Bay Area communities and promote public health.

The Bay Area is one of 28 US areas that the White House designated high intensity drug trafficking area (HIDTA) of the San Francisco Bay Area. In the fog of local and regional drug wars, police know surprisingly few of our Area's shooters and killers. In predominantly black Bay Area communities like Richmond or East Palo Alto, murders are solved 8% and 32% of the time, respectively. In January 2015, assassins killed four young black men on Laguna Street, walking distance to the Opera House and San Francisco City Hall. Four dead satisfies the FBI definition of mass murder. Today, the mass murderer(s) remain at large. The "who dunnit?" data suggest systemic injustice. Also, systemic Bay Area insecurity that literally kills human development.

Drug wars' combat ethos colors unrelated police encounters. Count the police shell casings around recent Bay Area hashtags from nationally reported officer-involved shootings: #MarioWoods (15) #AlexNieto (59) #AmilcarPerezLopez (4). Among the masses of Californians stopped, frisked, and arrested, mass incarceration has not induced mass sobriety. Nor mass "mental health". Nor slowed high intensity NAFTA scale drug trade. Geopolitically, "Alta California"' exposes Bay Area police to immigration law enforcement with families displaced from southern drug wars in "Baja California", Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Colombia.  We ask police to be clinicians, warriors, peace officers, and immigration diplomats. That is not reasonable.

Symptoms of dysfunctional law enforcement have causes upstream in the lawmaking process.  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition educates lawmakers, law enforcement, and the public nationally about the costs of drug prohibition. From violence in cross-border trade corridors to the national heroin epidemic. This year is especially critical as LEAP allies with the public health chorus influencing this April's Special Session of the UN General Assembly. I nominate Law Enforcement Against Prohibition for its superior public health campaign in the Bay Area and beyond.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

South By Southwest

El Nino blew through Chicago last Tuesday. Unseasonably hot (52 degrees actual versus 38 average) and humid: 0.14" versus 0.8" precipitation (WeatherUnderground). Something's in the wind. Charged protest at University of Illinois Windy City. Bloody police (Google). Media arrest on the street (CBS). Mass shooting at election-eve drug war raid in Homan Square (US News). 3 police shot, one target dead. For context, June 24, 2015, US DoJ raided and charged 42 defendants guns, heroin, cocaine, seizing $50k "black market" money a few blocks away (Twitter).   Back in the present, Chicago Mayor and Clinton confidant Rahm Emanuel spent part of last Monday night at Stroger Hospital (slow911).

#ByeAnita got out the vote on core justice issues, voting out Cook County's State Attorney. Sanders campaigned hard on patterns of civil injustice contra executive sponsor, Chicago Mayor Emanuel. The morning after voting, former Clinton WH staffer and Emanuel confidant, Paul Begala, characterized Sanders' criticism as "a big mistake" (Twitter). Clinton captured Chicago for D. Trump took Chicago and fertile rural Illinois interior for R. In the turbulence, lightning struck Trump Tower.  
The Land of Lincoln as rendered by Guardian for Election 2016 (Guardian)
2009: Small World (Politico)
The Hill

"Indeed they were at sea, and the ship and crew were in peril of tempest" 

Wednesday, Chicago POTUS nominated Merrick Garland for a "conservative Chicago boy makes SCOTUS" story. Garland raised 5.9 miles from Hillary Clinton's hometown, Park Ridge, Illinois. Is it surprising that Chicago POTUS, hailing from and presiding over one of America's most hyper-segregated cities - Chicago "Tale of Two Cities" Drillinois - nominated a justice that fails Antonin Scalia's interesting, grounded three-part diversity test (FiveThirtyEight)? For Chicago apartheid: Google.

Plot of Chicago on Lake Michigan from University of Virginia demographers and cartographers. Dot Map.

Above, Chicago origin of people detained at Chicago PD's Homan Square drug war "black site". Last year, Guardian (UK) sued the city for data. The geographic overlap is matched in race distribution: of 7,185 off-books arrests at Homan Square 2004-2015, 82% were black Chicagoans. 75% drugs - "lower-level arrests from the narcotics unit"(Guardian). 

Associated Press

Departing Chicago, Trump Train reverse commuted south by southwest on Heroin Highway to Tuscon. Prior to the event, images of women unshackled from vehicles by bolt cutter.

12 hour drive time Tuscon to Culiacan, capital city of the Sinaloa Cartel. Mostly desert.

CNN 2015

CNN's report is specific but incomplete. Sinaloa's drugs trade exhibits hegemonic market power across the United States. Sinaloa trades in Chicago. And also almost every city in the United States. When Hillary Clinton campaigns for narcan in Keane, New Hampshire or Trump raises the wall in Dayton, Ohio, they react "downstream" to Sinaloa poppy plants "upstream" in NAFTA commercial corridors. The Cartel withdraws and launders billions in USD every year. The trade of physical currency and drugs in these quantities - in unique shipments - is weighed not counted in units like "the ton" and transported by 747, rail, and tractor-trailer (CBS).

Previously : #ChicagoIguala
Geo-political, geo-economic context: NORAD theatre, NAFTA trade zone. Where the gun and drug trades aren't free in any sense. For context, consider these 2011 internal emails between ATF and NSC (TownHall) regarding programs to "straw buy" and "free trade" thousands of military-grade weapons to Mexico. In the middle of a cross-border American drug war. They actually went through with this. Really. It worse than I'm able to communicate in prose.

The Daily Show 2012

What's the latest? This week, Justice Department Assistant Attorney General Kadzik (bio) confirmed for US Rep Utah (Chaffetz) and US Senator Iowa (Grassley) that the 50 caliber anti-armor/anti-helicopter rifle (details) recovered from El Chapo's re-re-capture in Sinaloa originated from Fast and Furious. Kadzik also attributed the murders of three Mexican police. He described a single firefight that yielded 42 drug war dead. (letter)

Kadzik didn't mention murdered US Border Patrol Agent: Brian Terry. Nor the Justice proceedings and life sentences delivered to Terry's 2010 killers October 2015 (Arizona Republic). He didn't mention apparent obfuscation in the Garland, Texas trace of Nadir Soofi's 9mm (Los Angeles Times). He didn't mention the 14 Justice and ATF officials "slapped".  ATF Director retired; deputry resigned. (CNN) Washington Post summarized Kadzik's Fast and Furious distribution data:
operation allowed more than 2,000 weapons to hit the streetsKadzik wrote that as of Jan. 28, 885 guns purchased by Fast and Furious targets had been recovered: 415 in the United States and 470 in Mexico.
In other words, "unwanted" commercial traffic breached the border in both directions. Congress subpoenaed the Attorney General. Holder refused. Congress duly found him in contempt of Congress (US House contempt finding). President Obama invoked presidential privilege to protect Attorney General Holder's contemporaneous email (ProPublica). House Republic sued. January 2016, US District Court Judge - and Obama appointee - Amy Berkman Jackson rejected the White House's authority to protect the records from Congressional oversight (USA Today).

The Daily Show

"Two guns associated with the operation were recovered after a May 22 raid on a ranch in Michoacan, Mexico, controlled by the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, Kadzik wrote. The raid led to a lengthy gun battle that killed 42 suspects and one police officer, (Washington Post)" Kadzik letter

All of which is context for the North American gun trade. Where in June 2015 the United States began shipping 30 million bullets to the Mexican military to fight "the cartels". Mexican President EPN's spending on US military equipment spiked 10x last year hitting $1.5 billion (Washington Post). Which sounds like a lot but maybe not in relative terms. RAND Corporation values the US drug market north of the river/fence/wall/whatever at $100 billion per year (RAND). That said, RAND's methodology looks shoddy at first glance. For example, RAND's heroin economic trends appear contradictory to CDC heroin mortality trends. Note to self: follow up: cross reference that hypothesis. 

@CNN 2015

Southside's West performs "All Day" in London January 2015. Swift in attendance. YouTube

Kanye West
"Murder to Excellence" 
Watch the Throne 2011 

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